"From battlefield to boardroom"


After a career in The Royal Air Force and a few rapid changes of direction within the corporate world, I struck lucky and joined Ford Motor Company in the 1990s. I started in sales and quickly progressed into management and leadership by the millennium. 

A natural step for me was to move away from the franchise network and to start working with other importers and manufacturers so I took a big risk and jumped into a leading consultancy company and broadened my knowledge and experiences with several sales, management and HR projects working with with the biggest brand names in the global automotive market. 

In 2007 I decided to work for myself, with the vision of bringing development to life through the people which have the highest impact. Since then I have been in the enviable position to have a choice in the clients from high volume mass market brands and exclusive, premium manufacturers. However and possibly more importantly for me I could deliver training in the content and style of teaching and learning I preferred. I have been fortunate to have the choice of organisations to support and this enabled me to grow organically since then.


Being authentic, dependable and innovative has allowed me and a small team of like minded associates to deliver training with passion and integrity.


How I Can

Help You?



“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


I have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained in the Automotive Retailing industry across the globe. From my career before and since becoming self employed in 2007 I have been fortunate enough to work with retailers, importers and manufacturers across all sectors and markets including premium and volume brands, cars and commercials - helping them to increase profitability.

This has been at all levels from sales, after sales, franchise management and corporate leadership with the intention to improve both customer and employee retention.

business development

"Spending time working on your business is more important than spending time in your business"


I routinely work with results driven organisations across the globe. Supporting some of the most successful, instantly recognised and trusted brands. I will help you understand and develop your business, how to create a culture for success, how to negotiate change, practical coaching and practical business strategy.

I will help you to develop confidence in your business by: delegating and accepting challenges, building relationships, managing yourself and others effectively and establishing processes and procedures. We can come to your business and help you and your team implement best practice.



"Giving you the ability to inspire and engage others"


Since 2007 I have supported owners, directors and heads of business around the world. I have been fortunate enough to engage and work with with dynamic, forward thinking leaders in numerous industries and from many cultures and countries.


Our guidance will help develop your own bespoke personal development programme that will help you get the best from yourself and others, showing you how to set specific goals and communicate them to all those who need to know.

Some of our core principles include: developing communication skills, gain understanding and willing cooperation from others. We will also demonstrate how you can set out your priorities and better manage your time, how to handle difficult people and conflict with more confidence and the importance of emotional intelligence in the modern workplace.